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Novelty Autumn Winter Collection 2018-2019The Crystal Hat is an easy to fit and style model. It has a beautiful pleated throw around the head and is available in a classic deep blue M

Under the mystical Moroccan sky, the streets are filed around fascinating and colourful bits and pieces, wonderful, hand-woven rugs, local products and spices. Where it's so seductively scented that you want to buy it all at once, we introduce you to Christine Headwear's autumn collection. This season's catalogue is filled with an inspiring range of headgear that will suit any purpose: starting with the simple nighttime headwear, models for sports, accessories, to bright, colourful and elegantly printed turbanes and scarves. And of course we have this autumn news for you, great news... We are incredibly proud to introduce you to our new brand "Boho Spirit Headwear". We are convinced that this new brand with its cheeky, bold and volumising models is characterised by the unconventional Scandinavian lifestyle, which completes the portfolio of our collections. Choose the brand that suits you and your lifestyle. What is your claim to a headgear Do you need a soft and comfortable headwear for your head through illness-related treatments, sensitive, bald head Or would you like to cover your hair as it has more and more bald spots Perhaps you are just looking for a stylish printed turban to complete your carefully selected outfit. Or you can make a mess with this selection of headgear designed in Denmark because - due to Alopezie - turbanes simply belong to your daily wardrobe. We welcome you all and are proud to introduce you to a collection that offers you the chance to be imaginative and courageous regardless of your personal situation, and last but not least to underline what you have already said: beautiful...

Christine Headwear Easy to Adjust and Style Crystal Hat Navy YKBPNWQIU

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