Julia Feuell, MD New Frontiers and Online Travel Training:

"Hoda Lacey has been a guest speaker at our breakfast HR Seminars for a number of years. Hoda has presented information on a variety of topics including motivation and effective management. Written feedback from our clients has always been very positive."

"I have always been highly impressed not only at the way Hoda helps others but especially in the way she has continuously developed herself."

Liz Smith, Sales Director, WEXAS The Traveller's Club:

"What makes Hoda stand out from the crowd is her commitment and involvement in our training and development projects.  She is extremely generous with her time."

"Since 2007 Hoda has facilitated many half-day workshops. Feedback from participants indicated that they have come away with increased confidence to be able to perform better, and a greater awareness of their colleagues, the challenges that they face and how everyone contributes to the Company performance."

Edwina Lonsdale, Managing Director, Mundy Cruising:

"Hoda’s efforts to understand our company and deliver high quality development and guidance which is attuned to our particular style has been the reason why we have returned to her again and again."

"Staff she has mentored show measurable results in productivity, creativity and focus.  She has the ability quickly to identify the talents of those she trains, and her clear thinking perspective enables her to assist them to find an appropriate way to use those talents to the best advantage within the scope of their job.  She goes the extra mile with advice and guidance to their managers about how to use the staff she has trained most effectively."

Camellia Hamdy, Creative Director, LookGrey Advertising Agency, Cairo:

"What makes Hoda special is that she combines a thorough understanding of the reasons underlying workplace problems with compassion, warmth and the ability to motivate one towards a far more productive and positive course of action."

Caroline Jenkins, Associate Director, Mundy Cruising:

"After a session with Hoda I feel like the light has been switched on and knowing that she is always there is very comforting and takes the stress of bottling it up away. Hoda is one in a million!"

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